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At Advanced Healthcare, our Cancer Treatments for Aventurapatients combine non medical approaches with prescribed treatments in order to provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that not only attacks the cancer cells invading the body, but also work to suppress the onset of side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping and stress. Bringing together ancient healing practices with cutting edge medical innovation, we can help to ease the side effects of traditional treatments and provide a variety of alternative therapies dedicated to the overall well-being of each patient. Considered safe and effective to treat a number of conditions, we can adapt to your ever-changing needs with individualized treatment plans that evolve as your medical needs change.

Going beyond traditional treatments for various forms of cancer that target the offending cancer cells, Advanced Healthcare treats not only the cancerous cells, but the body as a whole. While effective, chemotherapy and radiation can have adverse effects on the body while working to eradicate the cancerous cells. When used in conjunction with traditional therapies, our complimentary cancer treatments for Aventura patients can relieve some of the side effects that may occur. Easing the side effects, we may use one or a combination of therapies to provide you with relief, adapting your treatments as your side effects change. These treatments include Laser Acupuncture, 3-way Detox Therapy, Biofeedback, CRA, Immunotherapy, Mental Stress, Oxygen Therapy, Quantum Therapy, and Vibronic Energizer, among others.

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Easing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, Advanced Healthcare provides services that are dedicated to the overall well-being of each patient. Our team provides safe and effective remedies that can be used in tandem with traditional medicine to ease the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and allow you to feel stronger and healthier during treatment. Using cutting edge of modern innovation as well as naturopathic treatments, many of the therapies used have ancient roots and have provided patients with relief through all phases of their treatment. Providing relief, these procedures are accepted by many insurance policies in addition to your current treatment regimens. Call Advanced Healthcare today to learn more about our cancer treatments for Aventura patients at all points in their cancer journey.

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