Cancer Treatment Testimonials

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Aden Cooper

  • 22 weeks ago

Dr. Tsai saved my life last year when I was diagnosed with lung cancer after 20 years of smoking. My cancer had been in remission on and off for years even with traditional treatments. I have been cancer free now, thanks to Dr. Tsai and his staff. He had mentioned from the beginning of the treatment that he can clean out all the cancer cells building up from the cigarette nicotine poison, which is the key point to prevent the lung cancer from coming back, which regenerates the cells to become healthy again. Thank you so much Dr. Tsai for all your help.

Barbara Meyers

  • 23 weeks ago

I was so desperate to find an alternative solution for my grandma because she has been diagnosed with bilateral breasts cancer since last year and she is not responding to chemo and radiation treatments well. I took her to Dr. Tsai's office for treatment and her response has been much better than traditional treatment. Thank you Dr. Tsai for all your expertise. I strongly recommend him to anyone suffering with most types of cancers.

Marc Smith

  • 25 weeks ago

I want to thank Dr. Tsai and his staff for taking good care of my dad when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. He fully reacovered now and I am so thankful for Dr. Tsai and his staff for all the help.

Mario Sega

  • 26 weeks ago

I recommend this office because the staff is very nice and I got great results for my cancer. I was receiving for my stomach cancer a year ago and now it's completely gone. I am so happy. Thank you for your help!

Camilla Paterson

  • 27 weeks ago

I got great results after three months of treatment at Mindful Cancer Center in Hollywood. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer two years ago and after traditional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer still comes back and has a lot of side effects. I was referred to Mindful Cancer center by one of my friends. Their treatments not only are effective, but also without side effects like I was experiencing with traditional treatments of chemo and radiation. I strongly recommend them to anyone with any type of cancer. Thank you for your help.

Jeff Stanley

  • 31 weeks ago

I had a great experience with Dr. Tsai. I brought my uncle suffering from back pain because of a tumor in the lower back. Dr. Tsai was able to shrink the tumor considerably after just two months of treatment. My uncle is feeling better every day because of Dr. Tsai. I strongly recommend anyone suffering from any type of cancer to get treatment from Dr. Tsai. He gives the best results to his patients.

Tommy Lee

  • 32 weeks ago

After all traditional treatments failed (chemo and radiation), I have decided to try alternative treatments. I was skeptical at first, but what do I have to lose. I am so glad I did because Dr. Tsai is one of the reasons why I am alive today. Thank you Dr. Tsai, my cancer is in remission now and hopefully it will stay like that. I strongly recommend him.

Jamie Oaks

  • 33 weeks ago

I brought my grandma to see Dr. Tsai because of late stage breast cancer. I was shocked that after just a few months of treatment, her cancer was completely gone. Thank you so much Dr. Tsai for your expertise. Because of you, my grandma is alive and doing well. Thank you again.

Brandie Watson

  • 33 weeks ago

I want to thank Dr. Tsai and his staff for helping me recover from breast cancer. Now I feel alive and well because Dr. Tsai understands how cancer treatment works and treats my whole body instead of just the cancer. That's why my recovery was much faster than usual. Thank you Dr. Tsai. I will for ever be indebted to you. Thank you for saving my life.

Pam Thomas

  • 41 weeks ago

Dr. Tsai is the reason I am still alive and doing well. Thank you Dr. Tsai. I recommend him to anyone suffering from any type of cancer.

Tony Scarpolo

  • 42 weeks ago

I brought in my uncle at 88 years of age suffering from a rare form of cancer to see Dr Tsai. His treatments have not cured his cancer yet but made a big difference in my uncle's life. He is still undergoing treatment and hopefully he will recover fully. I do recommend Dr Tsai.

Corry White

  • 43 weeks ago

I am pleased with my results from Dr. Tsai treatments. After a few months of treatments, I was cancer free. I strongly recommend him to anyone suffering from all types of cancer.

Sony Thelma

  • 45 weeks ago

Great doctor!I recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone looking for a cancer treatment.

Karen Hertel

  • 45 weeks ago

Thank you Dr. Tsai for saving my life! I strongly recommend him.

Sofia Louis

  • 47 weeks ago

I highly recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone suffering from cancer, especially after he treated my cousin. And now she is cancer free. Thank you Dr. Tsai.

Issa Reis

  • 47 weeks ago

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Tsai and his staff. They will help you heal your cancer by providing a full treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Tsai! I drove 3 hours each way to come see him.

Adeline Rosen

  • 48 weeks ago

Dr. Tsai is so professional and polite. He is so knowledgeable about all the possible treatments for any type of cancer. We felt so comfortable with him. I highly recommend Alternative Cancer Center of Florida. Thank you Dr. Tsai.

Nancy Brown

  • 48 weeks ago

Dr. Tsai has been very helpful in helping treating my cancer! Now, after a few weeks of treatments, My regular doctor told me that my cancer is not showing. I strongly recommend him.

James Barsuk

  • Dec 19, 2019

When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to use alternative treatment for treatments instead of the regular chemo and radiation therapy. Dr. Tsai helped shrink his tumor and now he able to resume his activities almost as before. There is hope now and I am so happy to have found this doctor. I will now spread the word about you Dr Tsai. I highly recommend him.

Sofia Louis

  • Sep 7, 2019

When my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 tumor in his back, he was recommended to have surgery to remove the tumor. After many failed treatments to shrink the tumor, I suggested that he seeks alternative treatment for this type of cancer. I was recommended to Dr. Tsai, and after about 20 sessions, my father's tumor has shrunk so much that he was able to walk again. I am so happy that to have found him to treat my dad. I totally recommend him.