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Acupuncture is an ancient healing system that originated in China 3000 years ago. Acupuncture originated with the discovery that specific areas of the skin directly correlated to the organs of the body. In time, the connection between the skin and the organs became further understood and more exact ways of stimulation were formulated. It is a technique used to promote the body's natural way of healing. In order for this to occur, needles, heat, or electrical stimulation are used on certain acupuncture points.

Did you know that in the 20th century, acupuncture and Chinese medicine served more than 2 billion people in Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Europe? Acupuncture can help where other forms of treatment have failed and the best part is that there are no side effects.

Acupuncture treatment is considered a safe, effective and natural treatment and used by millions of Americans in the USA. Due to its effectiveness, many insurance companies have included acupuncture treatment in their acceptable treatment list. Acupuncture treatment has shown amazing results relating to Skin Conditions, Psychological Conditions, Sensory Disorders, Respiratory/Cardiovascular Conditions, Neurological and Musculoskeletal Disorders, Autoimmune Diseases, Hormonal Imbalance, and Digestive Conditions.

If you’re suffering from any of the conditions listed above, you must try an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment starts with general questions with patients to gather vital information about their health conditions and medical history. Once we are satisfied with the questionnaires, we will find the Qi points or acupuncture points to stimulate the flow of energy or blood. After this, we will initiate the actual acupuncture treatment by inserting needles in those acupoints. Needles used in the treatment are made of silver and gold. Read More

Non-needle acupuncture/ Electro acupuncture

Non-needle acupuncture/ Electro acupuncture

Non-needle acupuncture requires the use of a laser and works the same way as acupuncture with needles. The laser is placed on specific areas of the body to increase circulation in those areas. This balances the Chi within the different systems in the body and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. This method of acupuncture is recommended for children or anyone who doesn't like needles.



What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is one of the top model machines which Olympic athletes have been using to optimize their quality of wellness. Our Biofeedback system can help with many different things in your body. What would you like to focus on? All of the problems you currently experience can cause degeneration in your system. We aim to treat the root causes of your problem, not just your symptom.

Biofeedback is a complementary and alternative medicine technique that enables an individual to learn to change some physiological activities for the purpose of improving health.

How does it work?

With biofeedback, the person is connected to the biofeedback device with sensors to measure and receive information (feedback) about the body (bio).

The biofeedback sensors use mild electrical impulses that measure skin temperature known as Electro Dermal Response (EDR), which teaches the individual to make subtle bodily changes, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve desired results, such as reducing pain.

The Biofeedback system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences. Why? The Biofeedback system provides an accurate and precise picture of our overall health and every treatment executed by it is personalized and unique – all this is backed up by thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

When we are suffering from a physical or mental problem, we are looking for a method that can help us. Why not try the Biofeedback system? Today the Biofeedback system is a worldwide known analytical and therapeutic device. Setting up the circumstances for our own being to connect to our next level of awareness and healing!

Quantum multi-function system

Quantum multi-function system

This type of therapy stimulates the body’s cells and enhances the cell voltage, thus making cells stronger for a healthier body.

3-Way Detox treatment

3-Way Detox treatment 3-Way Detox treatment

The main purpose of this therapy is to remove all of the poisons, ranging from food poison, drug poison, chemical, environmental poison and viruses additionally. This type of therapy can remove approximately 400 different toxins and viruses from the body.

Herbal treatment

Herbal treatment

Herbal therapy has widely been used in Chinese medicine to complement other methods of treatment for many different conditions. How do herbs work exactly in conjunction with our other treatment options available at our office? They help to restore balance to the body’s internal systems and strengthen the immune system as well. When the internal systems are more balanced, you may notice an increase in energy, improvement in sleep, pain reduction, etc. For Cancer patients, herbal therapy helps to support the body from side-effects that result from conventional methods of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy

This is commonly known as the same energy that is pointed on the vital different meridians in our system to increase the energy, clean the system, and remove any pain. It also helps to adjust energy and blood circulation for all different types of systems in the body.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy

The human body needs nutrients from the sun, water, and oxygen. Oxygen is one of the important parts of the natural energy system. This type of energy derived from nature supports all different systems and makes them healthier as well.

Infrared light therapy

Infrared light therapy

Infrared light therapy is good for stimulating healing within the body’s tissues on a cellular level. The light is placed over the person’s body and speeds up the activity of the mitochondria, otherwise known as the powerhouse of the cell. The patient may experience a slightly warm sensation on their skin. The level of heat from the device is very low so it will not burn the body.



Reflexology is a science based on the principles that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to all organs, glands, and parts of the body. It’s goal is to encourage the release of blockages/congestion in and around the 7,000 nerve endings in the feet and hands while stimulating circulation and improving nerve and blood supply throughout the entire energy system.

Transplant patients

The use of reflexology’s natural touch helps you to build healthy and caring relationships with everyone you know. A loved one gains a sense of worth and well-being, knowing that someone cares and pays attention to his or her needs. As a bonus, individuals learn healthful habits to apply throughout life, from childhood on.

There are many reasons why using reflexology provides healthful benefits for people of all different ages. Throughout this book you will read about stories of success using reflexology: parents solving problems for their children, spouses sharing a special quiet moment with each other, and elderly people receiving the valuable gift of touch. Although the problems range from very trivial to the extremely serious, they all serve as examples of significant others applying reflexology technique in a consistent manner in order to get a result.

“Millions of people all over the globe have used the techniques of reflexology to make a difference to the health and well-being of another.”

In addition to the gift of touch for the individual, reflexology provides a very real message for the body. Science has not yet formulated a specific answer to the question of what happens when you apply reflexology technique to the foot or hand. It can be said, however, that a message is sent within the nervous system. A sensation of pressure is reported to all parts of the body. What happens next is that the message is acted upon. The brain interprets the signal, formulates a suitable response, and takes an appropriate action. This activity takes place on an entirely subconscious level, where there are really no words in which to describe what is happening.

Reflexology Because It Works!

Chinese cupping

Chinese cupping

Cupping is a physical treatment used by acupuncturists or other therapists, which utilize a glass or bamboo cup to create suction on the skin over a painful area or acupuncture point. It is mostly used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries and has been claimed to reduce pain as well as a host of other symptoms.

There are two types of cupping

A recent systematic review included five trials (two ran-domized clinical trials (RCTs) and three controlled clinical trials (CCTs)) on the effects of wet cupping on musculo-skeletal problems. Its findings suggested that wet cup-ping is effective for treating low back pain.

An Investigation Into The Effect of Cupping Therapy as a Treatment For Anterior Knee Pain and It’s Potential Roles in Health Promotion. St. George's University of London, UK. 006.

Increase in mean active and passive ranges of motion, a reduction in pain scores and increase in well being immediately following treatment

An Updated Review of the Efficacy of Cupping Therapy. University Western Sydney, Australia and Center for Evidence-Based Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China. 2012.

108 trials reviewed for various types of cupping.

Meta-analysis revealed that cupping therapy combined with other treatments (acupuncture/medications) showed significant benefit over treatments alone in effecting a cure for cervical spondylosis.

The results of this systematic review suggest that cupping therapy appears to be effective for various diseases/conditions in particular herpes zoster, acne, facial paralysis, lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis.


Increased Circulation

Pain Relief

Activates Immune System

Removal of Heat or Toxins

Cupping for Orthopedic Conditions

Top 3 Non-Drug treatment options available at our office:

Balancing the Whole System

We believe in restoring balance within a person’s internal systems. We do this by focusing on the following below:

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