Stomach Cancer Pembroke Pines

Stomach Cancer Pembroke Pines

Cancer Treatment Method

Are you seeking complementary therapy to help individuals with Stomach Cancer in Pembroke Pines? If so, further exploration is unnecessary when Advanced Healthcare is at your service. Since 1996, our doctor has used acupuncture to help cancer patients cope with their symptoms, such as pain, nausea, hair loss, emotional changes, and skin responses. In traditional Chinese acupuncture, tiny needles are put into particular locations on the body to balance the flow of energy or Qi. It has been used to treat various ailments and symptoms, including pain, anxiety, depression, and many other issues, since ancient times. It is also used to improve general wellbeing and well-being.

Small needles are put into specific locations on the body during acupuncture treatments for patients with Stomach Cancer in Pembroke Pines to encourage the flow of energy or qi. This stimulation can restore homeostasis inside the body and treat various mental, emotional, and physical disorders. According to a study, acupuncture helps people with stomach cancer manage their symptoms. Researchers claim that acupuncture improves the quality of life for those with advanced stomach cancer by reducing symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. Additionally, acupuncture may reduce anxiety and improve mood, improving the general quality of life for stomach cancer patients.

At Advanced Healthcare, we offer laser acupuncture as an alternative approach to treating patients with Stomach Cancer in Pembroke Pines. This type of acupuncture utilizes the same energy as traditional acupuncture but with the added benefit of targeting specific vital meridians in the body to improve power, detoxify, and relieve aches and pains. While undergoing this therapy, the body's primary lymphoid organs – such as the thymus, bone marrow, lymphatic tissues, spleen, tonsils, lymph arteries, lymph nodes, adrenals, skin, and liver – are all protected.

Cancer is a disease that causes the most serious problems in the world. Chemotherapy's side effects on the patient, both physically and psychologically, is rather harsh. The patient's immune system is weak and therefore, their body doesn't have the ability to heal itself. Here at Advanced Healthcare, our Alternative Treatments involve a multimodal approach which is designed specifically to each patient's needs.