Sarcoma Miramar

Sarcoma Miramar

Cancer Treatment Method

Offering a variety of treatments for Sarcoma in Miramar area patients, Advanced Healthcare provides alternative treatments that can be used in tandem with your prescribed chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We work with your oncologist and monitor your progress to adapt your treatment as your needs change. Whether your cancer has been recently diagnosed or has metastasized, your diagnosis will be supported by blood tests and imaging that allows our team to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Our physician at Advanced Healthcare has been in practice since 1997, and is well versed on both traditional and alternative treatments to combat anxiety, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping, and stress that can accompany ongoing chemo and radiation. Giving you the support you need from the comforts of our calm and inviting clinic atmosphere, we also take advantage of centuries-old treatments that are rooted in Chinese acupuncture. We monitor your progress and adapt your treatment for your sarcoma in Miramar patients as your needs change.

Diagnosed by medical imaging and biopsies and treated with various chemotherapies and radiation, your treatment with Advanced Healthcare takes into consideration the physical and spiritual wellness of each patient to provide a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Often, the symptoms and side effects that you experience during treatment for sarcoma in Miramar patients can change with time. Give us a call today to speak with our team and learn more about the treatments that are available to you.