Lymphoma Cancer Broward County

Lymphoma Cancer Broward County

Cancer Treatment Method

Offering a variety of treatments for the side effects of Lymphoma in Broward County patients, Advanced Healthcare provides alternative treatments that can be used in tandem with your prescribed chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, our team can provide support and relief. Your diagnosis will be supported by blood tests and imaging that allows our team to develop your personalized treatment plan. We work with your oncologist and monitor your progress to adapt your treatment as your needs change.

Advanced Healthcare relies on proven alternative therapies to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to treat lymphoma in Broward County patients. Our team is passionate about treating our patient's overall health and mental well-being following cancer diagnosis and treatment, providing individualized care for each patient. These treatments include Laser Acupuncture, 3-way Detox Therapy, Biofeedback, CRA, Immunotherapy, Mental Stress, Oxygen Therapy, Quantum Therapy, and Vibronic Energizer.

At Advanced Healthcare, we strive to restore the mind-body balance that is instrumental in successfully fighting the disease. For Lymphoma in Broward County, patients must first understand their specific symptoms and diagnosis before beginning alternative treatments to boost the body's immune system and responses. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and let our team work together with your oncologist in order to develop your personalized treatment plan to address your specific symptoms.