Acupuncture Sunny Isles

What causes the problem?

At Advanced Healthcare, our treatments include Acupuncture for Sunny Isles patients, combining non medical approaches with prescribed treatments in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Acupuncture can be used in tandem with traditional medicine and is considered safe and effective to treat a number of conditions by lessening the Chi and increasing blood flow to provide relief. With our top of the line therapies, we work to uncover the root of your pain, providing an alternative to medication and surgery to treat your symptoms.

With many treatment choices available, Acupuncture for Sunny Isles patients offers options and allows patients to regain some control over their care. Using an ancient healing system that originated in China over 3000 years ago, this involves the use of thin needles, pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation to promote healing. At Advanced Healthcare, we offer treatment for Skin Conditions, Psychological Conditions, Sensory Disorders, Respiratory/Cardiovascular Conditions, Neurological and Musculoskeletal Disorders, Autoimmune Diseases, Hormonal Imbalance, and Digestive Conditions.

Focusing on the Root Cause of the Problem

For top of the line treatment without the need to travel long distances, Advanced Healthcare provides acupuncture for Sunny Isles patients in our conveniently located Hollywood studio. Providing access to top medical care and treatments that we adapt as your needs change, give us a call today to learn more and schedule your appointment.



Things such as high tension levels can cause high blood pressure, headaches, other illnesses and the
side effects from medications can slow down the blood circulation to the entire body, including the head, limbs and internal organs. Conditions that are left untreated can gradually cause poor circulation, making the body weak and imbalanced and overall health worse over time.

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